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Oct 14, 2003
october 14th 2003

Yeah......school is pretty boriing....Im definatly having trouble in math...annes coming over friday so im happy as a clam....yeah i really like anne a ton...its kinda weird cuz i dont think i liked elizabeth as much as i do anne but elizabeth is really great to have as a friend so i guess things work out pretty well. o well i gotta do homework now

Posted at 03:36 pm by jellobiafra
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Oct 12, 2003
October 12th, 2003

Uh yeah...This has been a pretty good weekend...Anne came over yesterday and we messed around and walked and went to broughton...Today i had hockey practice and it went pretty well. We still need to work on shooting and skating. Half the team has a hard time stopping. Ahh well thats life. Thats what i get for being captain of a roller hockey team. Damn canadains. They are too damn good to play roller hockey. nya nya nya. Yeah its fun. Ahh yeah. I really really love anne. Its uh...yeah... Well it seems i wont be able to look at broughton or my bathroom the same way ever again...Or my brother or my mom....Sheesh that was a close call...Im lucky i have a basement cuz otherwise uh...yeah...not good. I dont really want to put anything really personal on this cuz then it might haunt me in the future...well i gotta go play bass or something like that...

Posted at 07:34 pm by jellobiafra
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